The Ever Fiend SPR Review

The Ever FiendI just got my first editorial review for The Ever Fiend from SPR, at 4.5 stars.

Some of the best comments:

The Ever Fiend is a fantastic (pun intended) first showing from debuting author Randy Ellefson, starting off the Talon Stormbringer series with a bang. Our anti-hero lead is an enigmatic and charismatic rogue…Talon is a balanced character that can pull the story along on his personality alone. Luckily for Talon, the story doesn’t need the help – it’s a fun, creative world…The writing is generally very strong…The ground it covers is covered extremely well, meeting every major expectation and more which most readers will find extremely satisfying.”

“Randy Ellefson has really made himself a name to watch with this title as his debut. With strong writing and strong characters, this is a strong introduction to Talon Stormbringer and what to expect in his upcoming series. This is a wholly professional product with a beautiful cover and a great amount of care taken on the piece throughout. It’s great to see a fantasy read with this amount of love poured into it, with the skill and know-how to make it gleam. A stand-out for dark fantasy, Talon Stormbringer brings the thunder in his first proper outing. Let’s hope to see more of his adventures and misadventures very, very soon!”

You can read the whole review here.

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