The Light Bringer


Volume Two of The Dragon Gate Series.

The power to heal only comes when you believe.

On worlds where elves, dragons, and magic are real, the power of gods flows through Anna. She can save the dying – and destroy the dead.

But not on Earth, where magic has awoken after a thousand-year sleep. The gods are alive, and yet she cannot find them to answer her.

But others can. People are casting spells and healing the wounded, dealing death and bringing life. No one understands why it’s all happening – or that Anna and her three friends triggered it by mistake. Their ongoing quests to other worlds have unleashed a new world on Earth, one that may destroy all life as they know it.

And the only way Anna can save those she loves is to believe in a god who won’t answer. The darkness inside her may hold the key to finding her way as The Light Bringer.

Release Date: May 25 2021, by Evermore Press.

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The Maps
Orbs of Dominion Quest

Kiarven Quest

  1. To Quest or Not to Quest
  2. Mastery
  3. Unexpected Company
  4. The Orbs of Dominion
  5. The Kirii Cave
  6. Flight of the Dragons
  7. Valegis
  8. The Lords of Fear
  9. In the Dead of Night
  10. The Price
  11. A New Friend
  12. The Lady Hope
  13. A Tale of Three Kings
  14. The Prince of Kiarven
  15. Kingmakers
  16. Reunions

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