The Silver-Tongued Rogue

Volume Three of The Dragon Gate Series.

Will impersonating a legend cost him his life?

The families of the real Ellorian Champions have captured Eric and his three friends, stripped them of power, and put them in chains. Can Eric live up to the reputation of Andier, the Silver-Tongued Rogue, and persuade them he had nothing to do with the real Champions’ disappearance? Or must he and his friends try to fight their way to freedom?

Release Date: November 9, 2021, by Evermore Press.

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The Maps


Elloria – Kingdoms of Andor, Roir (and Coreth), Aranor

Novell Kingdom

  1. The Last One Standing
  2. The Interrogation
  3. Mandrellan
  4. Oil and Lilac
  5. New Friends, Old Friends
  6. Princes and Trolls
  7. The Dragon Egg
  8. A Lady of Fear
  9. Other Worlds
  10. Briardale
  11. The Prisoners
  12. The Sons of the Magi
  13. The Devastator
  14. A Lady of Hope
  15. Kira Mori
  16. A Deal with a Wizard
  17. The Keystones
  18. The Crime Scene
  19. Shards
  20. The Dragon Lord
  21. A New Home