Talon Stormbringer

Talon Stormbringer is the sword-wielding hero in a number of fantasy stories on the world of Llurien.  At times in his adventures he has been a thief, pirate, knight, king, and more.

  1. The Ever Fiend
  2. The Screaming Moragul
Story Reading Order

The order in which books are written, released, and numbered may not be chronological because I want the freedom to do what I want, when I want with one series, and this is that one. There is an order to Talon’s life, with stories fitting into different periods. This section will be updated each time a story is written/published.  The stories below are in chronological order.


As a teenager, Talon must live by his sword and wits and gets involved in more than one adventure.

  • The Ever Fiend – Talon must journey into the supernatural Ever Pathways to acquire silver elixir from the poison pond, but his companions and he encounter the Ever Fiend that rules this place, and they must fight for their sanity and lives.


Talon has been caught for his numerous thefts and sentenced to work on a man-o-war sailing from the Kingdom of Illiandor.

  • The Screaming Moragul – The captain of his ship has a new mission: find and return to its owner the skull of Jonnier, an undead pirate who still sails the seas with his ghostly crew and ship, The Screaming Moragul, destroying anyone he encounters. But Jonnier wants more than they bargained for.