The Dragon Gate

Finding the hero within despite your every effort

Volume One of The Dragon Gate Series.

Being a real knight isn’t working for Andy LaRue. Everyone wants him dead, and only skills he doesn’t have can save him. Surviving might destroy his heart, mind, and soul, but he’ll risk it all to find the one thing he’s already lost – home.

Magically kidnapped from Earth to another world, Andy learns his abductors think he’s a famous knight who can save them from marauding dragons. But ever since an accident paralyzed his brother, Andy wants no part of hurting anything. And yet if he doesn’t fight, all those relying on him will perish – and never send him home. Plunged into violence, Andy tries to find a way back without taking a life, never suspecting he might redeem his own.

Release Date: Spring, 2021.

  1. “The Pendant”
  2. “The Quest”
  3. “Fresh Wounds”
  4. “A Conscience Riddled”
  5. “Lorian”
  6. “Wizardry”
  7. “Affinity”
  8. “Arundell”
  9. “Aspirations”
  10. “The Champions”
  11. “Unrest in the Forest”
  12. “A Ruin Alive”
  13. “Confrontation”
  14. “Destiny Seized”
  15. “A Hero’s Welcome”
  16. “Resolutions”
  17. “End Game”
  18. “Firestorm”

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