The Ever Fiend Complete

I just finished writing The Ever Fiend (Talon Stormbringer) a few minutes ago! Technically I have editing to do, then letting it sit a month before a final review with fresh eyes, but the actual writing is done.  After that it goes to beta-readers, an editor, and proofreader.  And then I format it.  And then I’m fully done with it, but I consider all of that to be my work as a publisher as much as an author.

Next up I return to The Art of World Building.  I’ll be wrapping up volumes 1 and 2 in succession as both are mostly written.  After that I think I return to Talon and another book I recently planned: The Screaming Moragul.  It’s actually realistic that I could have four books done this summer, though Talon’s books are novellas, The Ever Fiend coming in at almost 25,000 words. That makes it easier to get them done.

To celebrate I will watch Game of Thrones in a few minutes!