Jul 302021

On August 31, I will release The Dragon and the Fiend starter bundle, which brings together The Ever Fiend and The Dragon Gate, the first two books in the Talon Stormbringer books and The Dragon Gate Series. It’s available in Kindle Unlimited, too. Grab a copy today!

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Jul 122021

The Ever Fiend CoverI just got the new cover for The Ever Fiend! This replaces the five-year-old cover I did myself for this book. It wasn’t bad, especially given who created it, but it was time to upgrade this.

It makes me more excited to be returning to more Talon stories this fall. Stay tuned!

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The Light Bringer Published

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May 252021

The Light Bringer (The Dragon Gate Series, #2) has been published today! This ones features all four characters all the time just like the first, but Anna faces more serious troubles in this one than the others. You’ll also get some more information about the Ellorian Champions and find out what Soliander is up to now.

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Starter Bundle Cover Reveal

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May 252021

I just got the new cover for The Dragon and the Fiend (Series Starter Bundle)! This brings together the first book in The Dragon Gate Series (The Dragon Gate) and the Talon Stormbringer books (The Ever Fiend).

Stay tuned for when I release!

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Dragon Gate Series Update

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Dec 232020

With The Dragon Gate (The Dragon Gate Series, #1) released this month, I now have titles for the next four books in the series. The order of these may actually change and already has once:

The Light Bringer
The Silver-Tongued Rogue
The Majestic Magus
The Dragon Slayer

Each title is the nickname of one of The Ellorian Champions that the main characters are impersonating. The intention is for each to feature that character more prominently on the cover, anyway, and they may play a bigger role in the book, but the intention is to still split point-of-view between all of them.

I’m currently working on outlining books 2 and 3 and will be writing book 2 by January.  I just ordered covers!

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The Dragon Gate Scheduled

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Nov 022020

The Dragon Gate (The Dragon Gate Series, #1) is now scheduled for release on December 1, 2020.

I hired a conlanger to create the magic system language and I just got my first sneak peak the other day. It is looking great and is called Nu’Eiro. You’ll have to read the book to see it in action.

You can pre-order the book now!

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World Building Webinar Replay

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Jul 152020

If you missed the first World Building Webinar, the replay is now live! Here’s what we covered, with time stamps to jump to the relevant parts:

– Organizing world building notes – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=22
– Do I start top down or bottom up? – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=212
– Making #maps and commissioning artists – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=288
– Are magic portals best for crossing worlds? – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=333
– How much #culture to develop for a foreign character – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=495
– How to give backstory in stages https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=686
– How to know when introducing irrelevant world building https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=1178
– How to add depth to three cultures – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=1417
– How much is too much and when to stop – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=1687
– Promo clips about free resources detailed below- https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=2126
– #writingtips throughout!

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YouTube Channel Launch

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Jul 012020

I’m excited to announce the launch of my YouTube channel for world building. The first video is the channel intro, which you can watch here. It talks about my experiences, endorsements, and is an overview of what you can expect from the channel’s videos.

Please subscribe to be notified of all releases. I need 100 subscribers before I can customize the channel URL for branding. I’d really appreciate your help. Comments on the videos and likes are also awesome!

What’s in the video:

– The Art of World Building book series – https://youtu.be/onAGTPvkcP8?t=85
– About me and my world building expertise – https://youtu.be/VooN96ndv5I?t=242
– Endorsement from  bestselling author Piers Anthony – https://youtu.be/VooN96ndv5I?t=325
– Endorsement from Ed Greenwood, The Forgotten Realms inventor – https://youtu.be/VooN96ndv5I?t=391
– About my writing career – https://youtu.be/VooN96ndv5I?t=425
– About my music career – https://youtu.be/VooN96ndv5I?t=452
– Some disclaimers on terminology – https://youtu.be/VooN96ndv5I?t=511

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