Fantasy Summit Day One

My co-host, Paula Judith Johnson, and I are kicking off the 2024 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors Summit with experts including Janet Forbes of World Anvil, Damon Courtney of Book Funnel, C.R. Rowenson, and more—TODAY.

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With over 25 training sessions, the 2024 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors Summit lasts through May 17th and compiles the latest cutting-edge techniques for writing, publishing, and marketing your fantasy and sci-fi novels, under one virtual roof.

Make sure you don’t miss a minute of what promises to be the most epic online event of 2024!

Today’s line up kicks off with Janet Forbes, co-founder of World Anvil, sharing the site’s history and a peek at what it can do to make your world building awesome to work on and share – using World Anvil.

Next up is Janice Hardy with the power of POV in shaping narrative.

Then Savannah Gilbo discusses using your genre to unlock the secrets of story structure.

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Megan Haskell and I talked about how to create an author mission statement and how this influences everything from what you choose to write, how you publish it, and its influence on your marketing.

I met C.R. Rowenson in person years ago and we reconnected to discuss magic systems, learning to analyze the ones we see and how to leverage that when inventing our own.

Finally, day one ends with Jill Lublin discussing how to maximize media impact when promoting our work.

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