Fantasy Summit Day Two

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author Summit – Day Two – is under way!

Today we start with Golden-May, a duo of writing coaches. I had a great talk with them about how to create evil characters that are not a caricature or cliched.

Next up is one of my favorite talks for world builders, with Dakota Krout of Mountaindale Press. We talked about how to let others write in the world we’ve created
, and how to become an author writing in someone else’s world. This is a talk you will not hear anywhere else!

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I also talked with an old friend of mine, agent Amy Collins, about how to land an agent in today’s market, whether indie publishing helps or hurts this, and what agents and publishers are looking for today.

My co-host interviewed 
Ray Brehm about how to build an optin page in only 20 minutes, but they also delved into many related subjects for over an hour.

Finally, we end day two with a discussion on how to sell direct through your own online store with guru Morgana Best, whose great book on the subject led me to do that this spring.

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