Fantasy Summit Day Three

Day three of the 2024 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors Summit is underway. Come join us!

We’re starting off with Jennifer Hilt discussing something every fantasy and sci fi author needs to know – tropes in these genres and how to use them effectively.

Then my co-host talks with yours truly about one of my favorite subjects – world building!

Cary Richards then talks about how to sell more books using bundles.

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We end the day with three speakers I met at a convention. First up is JS Arquin giving his advice on working with narrators for recording our audio books.

I also spoke with Ben Wolf about how to sell fantasy and sci-fi books at conventions, which you probably know I began doing with great success after reading his amazing book on the subject.

The day ends with Malorie Cooper discussing how and when to use Facebook Ads, including recent changes to one of the most challenging but rewarding platforms to earn the most from our books.

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