Tales of Talon Stories

I’ve invented a new character to use in a series of adventure yarns, his first name being Talon.  He’s a mix of people like Conan, James Bond, Tarl Cabot (from the Gor series), and any movie you’ve seen with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or other action movie stars.

The stories are intended to be novellas of about seven chapters long, or 20k words.  They won’t be numbered so that I can write and publish them in any order, but I’ll have a page here to show when each story takes place in his lifetime.  I’ve already worked out his life story so there’ll be phases when he’s a thief, slave, sailor, knight, and more.

Right now I’m mostly done planning an early story called Talon and the Ever Fiend and will be writing it within the week!  I plan to have five of these done this year and will alternate between these and finishing The Art of World Building, where I have the first two volumes mostly written and about 25% of the final volume.  Those are proving longer than expected and increasing the time to write, so I found myself needing a break so I can return to my real love – writing stories!