Dec 142015

I’ve been making a map of a continent for the past two weeks and can’t seem to stop working on it! I should be done in a few days.  Before now, the only map I’ve had has been of a single continent on the world I’ve been developing for decades.  I had some bad sketches of others, but that was all.  You can see one island kingdom below:

Lorynn Kingdom

Lorynn Kingdom

It’s been a decade since the last time I drew one, using the previous [demo] version of the program, Campaign Cartographer 3.  This version is so superior that I’ll need to redraw the other one, too.  If you’re someone who needs to make maps or would like them with your novels, I highly recommend this program.  You can do professional maps while having no ability to draw.  And it probably costs the same as hiring someone to do just one for you, whereas with this you can make as many as needed.  It’s not intuitive at first, but once you get going, it’s easy.

As a result, you can expect maps for all of my novels and probably even some stories, too.

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