Writing Update

For those of you following my fiction writing, I’m sad to say I haven’t been doing it much for a few years now but am returning to it in 2020. I didn’t know when I released The Ever Fiend in 2016 that I’d be side-tracked with The Art of World Building three book series (non-fiction) and then some serious personal issues for several years. All of this is about to be behind me and I’m looking forward to a return to Talon Stormbringer and the partially planned book, The Screaming Moragul.

There will be at least one fiction book released in 2020 asĀ The Dragon Gate is cued up for the fall; I’ve already set in motion some promo for it. This book was written way back in 2007, so I just need to give it the “old once over” and then start getting it ready for publication (editing, cover, blurb, other stuff). One reason I’d been waiting was a plot hole in the series idea and I accidentally thought of the solution a few weeks ago, and now I know that solution won’t affect the first book, so it’s a go.

I actually wrote a fiction book and published it under another name this fall, but it’s a secret! I also drafted another non-fiction book in my car while commuting this summer, at about 50k words, and I need to tighten that up. But that’s going out as yet another alter ego of mine (I now have three pen names besides my actual name).

So if it looks like I’m not writing, it’s not true! Things are picking up and I”m excited for 2020 and beyond.