Jul 152020

If you missed the first World Building Webinar, the replay is now live! Here’s what we covered, with time stamps to jump to the relevant parts:

– Organizing world building notes – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=22
– Do I start top down or bottom up? – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=212
– Making #maps and commissioning artists – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=288
– Are magic portals best for crossing worlds? – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=333
– How much #culture to develop for a foreign character – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=495
– How to give backstory in stages https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=686
– How to know when introducing irrelevant world building https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=1178
– How to add depth to three cultures – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=1417
– How much is too much and when to stop – https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=1687
– Promo clips about free resources detailed below- https://youtu.be/ZkAnT8KzHgY?t=2126
– #writingtips throughout!

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