Jan 172019

In celebration of the launch of World Building University (WBU) in the coming weeks, I’m doing a giveaway tailored to world builders! If you’re not such a person yourself, forward this to any fantasy or sci-fi author, screenwriter, gamer, game designer, or hobbyist who might be interested!

To enter the contest, just go to this link:  http://www.artofworldbuilding.com/giveaways/wbu-launch-giveaway/

So what am I giving away? See the image! Don’t let the image fool you – there are over 25 lessons in the course! Click the link the see the rest.

If you enter the giveaway, you’ll get an email with a link that you can forward to other people. Those who enter the contest as a result of your link will get one chance to win, but YOU will get an additional three chances to win! If you get ten people to enter, you’ll have 31 chances to win.

Pretty cool, huh?

– Rand




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