Valend Cards Designed!

For the Llurien setting (used in The Ever Fiend and Death Singer), I have completed the creation of the valend cards – all 65 – and ordered an initial pack for myself to check before finalizing. This was a time-consuming project but quite fun. The cards were featured in an unreleased book and now I’m thinking to do something more significant with them.

I revised the pack as well, making it 13 cards in each of the 5 suits instead of 12. The reason was so that players can play traditional games with them just by removing one of the 5 suits Additional games can be conceived by using the 5th suit, but I’m not a game designer, so it’s a little beyond my expertise.

These will not be available for sale just yet, but if you want to pay the $50 for a single pack in a white box, email me.