The Epic of Ronyn Released!

The Epic of RonynYou know you’re too busy when you forget to announce a new release! Doh.

“The Epic of Ronyn” story from the forthcoming The Tales of Llurien is now available. It’s an over the top adventure that will have you laughing and wanting more stories featuring the lead. I do intent to use Ronny in a series of adventures. He’s too much fun for just one story!


There’s no higher calling than suffering for art.

Wanting to impress a woman, the minstrel Ronyn tells the story of how he became the King of All Bards, facing horrors the likes of which few had ever seen. In his tale, neither malevolent creatures nor like-minded adventurers would stand between him and a prize that would make him a musician beyond compare. On hearing his epic quest, kings had welcomed him, lads had become men, and virgin lasses had blossomed into women. It’s no wonder he must tell this new admirer about himself, but will she be as impressed with Ronyn as he is with himself?