Riven Species Uploaded

The page on riven has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Riven are one of the seven original humanoid species. Riven don’t value life, including their own. They are known for spreading diseases; all species burn riven corpses. They sleep more than half the day in short naps. They are the greatest danger to those leaving town. Riven are three to four feet tall, thin, malnourished, and carrying sickness. Riven prefer forests because these offer many hiding places. There are no settlements that riven have built. Riven are dependent on other species because they lack the desire or skills to hunt, cook, or farm.

In combat, riven run as a group at their targets, swinging wildly once near. It is known that if their attack doesn’t kill you, a disease you catch from them might. Those enemies who fall to the ground in the midst of a riven swarm will never rise again.. Their society is anarchy. They encourage murder against other species and tribes