Plans for 2023

My plans often change, but here are the projects on tap, regardless of what order they’re finished in:

  • Death Singerminus editing and formatting, this is done and on pre-order for May release. This is what tied me up in 2022, along with life.
  • Audio book for 3000 World Building Prompts – I need to record this but it should be quick and done in Feb/Mar.
  • Audio books for the Dragon Gate series – DGS 1 is underway now, others following.
  • The Dragon Slayer (The Dragon Gate Series, #4) – this is a definite to write in 2023 as I really owe you guys this one.
  • The Screaming Moragul (Talon Stormbringer) – I know. I know. I’ve been talking about this a long time. Blame The Art of World Building’s success, then DGS. But I have the cover and am moving forward.

A follow-up to Death Singer may depend on how it does once released. I need to not become obligated to a poorly-selling series idea.