Morkais Race Revealed

The page on morkais has been uploaded to Some highlights:

Morkais originated from the Divine Covenant and are not one of the seven original, humanoid species. They share physical traits with daekais, but do not have poisonous teeth or claws. They have great memories and quick, attentive, wise minds. They make few social mistakes, slips of the tongue, or inappropriate comments. Morkais are often employed as messengers, either working for government, nobility, themselves (for hire), the rich (such as merchants), or their species.

They do not attack ideas or those who have them. They actively seek out other cultures for art, cooking, political ideas, sports, architecture, history and more. All morkais can speak, read, and write kais, Antarian, karelian, querran, and kryllan; they often work as translators. They often know how to speak some riven and jhaikan, including reading the symbols of the latter.