Lots of World Building Done

This year has seen me do a lot of world building for the fantasy setting I’ve been working on for over 25 years. This includes:

  • Adding kingdoms and wars between them
  • Adding cities, including some underwater for a water-dwelling species and floating ones for a flying one
  • Creating the monetary system
  • Creating magic portals
  • Creating magical pathways
  • Creating a supernatural “bogey man” and a variety of magic items relating to him and some of the above
  • Laying out the city of the gods
  • Creating over 300 magic spells and defining the system of magic further
  • Adding details to an evil race of one species and their kingdom
  • Resolving “ancient history” issues and update the known history of the world (plus the cool hidden stuff)

I also retired several really old book ideas that were conceived long before most of the world building, giving me a fresh start on a variety of things.  That was long overdue.  From here on I should be working on writing instead!