How To Create Fictional Characters, Part 3

If you’re creating a character for fantasy or another genre where they go adventuring, this part of the template may help you.  You can download the full template as a Word doc or a PDF or read Part 1 and Part 2 online

As Adventurer

Does he seek “adventure” or go on missions?


How many adventures has he gone on?  Veteran?  Newbie?  What has he learned from doing it before?


Has he been trained in any special techniques?  By who?  Did he finish that training or skip out for some reason?  Will that come back to haunt him?

As (Knight for Example)

Relevant Skills

Deeds/Specific Accomplishments

Did he rescue anyone?  Free a village?  Kill an evil wizard?  End/start a battle or war?  Find treasure?  Recover something valuable (and did he keep it or return it?)?

Trips & Missions

What missions has he done and how did they go (disaster, success, lots of friends died, welcomed as hero after)?  Was he paid for them?  Hired?  A volunteer?  Who went with him?  Who didn’t return?  Was that his fault?


Magical Items

What does he have and how did he come by them?  Did he steal, buy, or find them?  Were they a gift?  Are they weapons, armor, or something else?




Include formal clothing.  What quality and condition is his clothing?  How old/new?



Does he have a horse, dragon, or another steed he has bonded with? Describe it here.



Where did he receive his training and from whom?  What kind was it?  What weapons or defenses?  Does he employ these?  Has he mastered what he was taught or does he get rusty?

On Steeds

What can he ride and how well?  This means in battle or otherwise fighting.

Special Attacks & Defenses

Is there anything unique about his fighting?


Tournaments & Contests

Does he compete?  How well does he do?  Is he a champion?  Perpetual loser?

Challenges & Duels

Has he ever been in a duel?  To the death?  What happened to the other person?  What led to it?

The Supernatural


Can he perform magic?  How well? How did he learn?  Was their schooling or a mentor?  How well does he control this?

Relations with Magic Users

How does he get along with those who do magic?  Is he jealous?  Fearful?  Trusting?


Does this character avoid supernatural places or become curious?  Where has he visited or plan to?  Why?

Public Places and Occasions

Does he join in or keep to himself?  What about during a festival?

Adventurers’ Quarters

Where does he prefer to stay when traveling, and why?


Hopefully this extensive template will give you some ideas for filling out your characters.

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