Fantasy Summit Day Four

Day four of the 2024 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Authors Summit is now rocking. Come join us.

We begin with my talk with Product Manager Hank Marcacci of Publisher Rocket, a powerful tool for finding the best (and avoiding the worst) keywords for our books. This includes how to stay up to date on the sometimes rapid changes taking place.

Next up is Lorraine Johnston, who talks with Paula about prompting Chat GPT to write better and faster fiction.

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Then we talk with Kimberley Grabas about how to define and attract your audience.

One of our most well-known speakers, Damon Courtney gives us a walk-through of how BookFunnel works to delivery our books to readers, whether we’re giving them away free or selling them. We also learn more of the history behind this popular tool, which I personally use.

We end day four with my co-host, Paula Judith Johnson, and I talking about how to add romance as a subplot to fantasy and sci-fi.

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