Death Singer on Pre-Order!

Death Singer is now available for pre-order at Amazon. The release date is May 2, 2023.

Trapped in a game. Seven days to escape. Failure means death.

When Max awakens in the VRMMORPG game Llurien Online, he doesn’t know how he got there or why he can’t logout. And a mysterious Life Counter that no other player has is steadily descending to zero.

The last thing he remembers is playing his axe-shaped guitar on stage. Now he’s alone in a world unknown, where his skills as a bard could help him win friends to survive. But it may already be too late – other players somehow know his identity and want him dead.

Leveling up as fast as he can, Max searches for answers and freedom. But if he can’t have either, he’s determined to find the power to defy death. A quest of his own choosing awaits – to rule over it all and “ascend” to live in the game forever.

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