Rhaikan Race Revealed

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Sep 292016

The page on rhaikan has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Rhaikan are a race of the jhaikan species. The gods of truth, empathy, peace, and fairness created the more benevolent race using a magical jewel. Rhaikan keep talons on hands and feet shorn, particularly the latter, to appear less threatening. They tend to dress fashionably and neatly to cultivate an appearance of calmness, order, and being non-threatening. Most rhaikan live in joint settlements because they won’t be trusted by other species if they don’t.

Many rhaikan become knights and are among the best fighters. They are good swordsmen but need special rhaikan swords to fig their larger hands. These are huge swords that others must use with two hands. Jhaikan often pretend to be rhaikan to infiltrate settlements.

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Kadean Race Revealed

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Sep 272016

The page on kadeans has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Kadeans are a race of the mandean species. They are the result of a plot by the gods of hate, domination, and cunning to prevent mandeans from having uncontested control of the seas. A group of mandeans were forced to drink a brew that changed their character and those of their descendants forever. Kadeans are physically identical to mandeans and are impossible to tell apart except for behavior, demeanor, and clothing.

Kadean society is based on mutual conquest of the sea for the betterment of kadeans and, more importantly, the interference with mandeans and other species who try to use the sea. To this end, they conspire to track and follow all ships and monitor ports.

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Divine Covenant Explained

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Sep 262016

The Divine Covenant (fully explained there) is an agreement between the gods of Llurien. As a result, the gods created the race of morkais from the daekais species, which subsequently became thought of as a race of the kais species. Magic and healing were given to the species/races, who created religions. Karelia had their sixth sense augmented and were given supernatural skills, and the Orb of Souls was created, along with the Seven Fates.

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Gods of the Violet Sphere

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Sep 262016

The four gods of the violet sphere, who created the riven species, have been revealed here on Llurien.com. They are:

Blaeykynor, goddess of haste, patron of jesters, a spring and air deity
Mooryndal, goddess of hate, the killing god, a summer and fire deity
Ilioth, god of cynicism, god of doom, an autumn and earth deity
Raekynlor, god of sloth, the sleeping god, a winter and water deity

Hear their names pronounced on their page.

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Dariven Race Revealed

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Sep 262016

The page on dariven has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Dariven are a race of riven and result from abandoned riven being raised by other species. Aside from upbringing and the benefits of a better life, they are physically no different. Dariven are found almost exclusively in joint settlements. They face considerable racism. Dariven are most often the result of riven mothers abandoning the babies, intentionally or not, in the wilderness and someone else coming across them and rescuing them. The riven is raised among another species.

Dariven live in the city where they were raised.  They adopt the laws and etiquette of their host settlement and do their best to fit in, knowing that failure to do so may result in ejection and a reversion to their natural state. In some cases, it causes imprisonment, and rarely, execution.

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Riven Species Uploaded

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Sep 262016

The page on riven has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Riven are one of the seven original humanoid species. Riven don’t value life, including their own. They are known for spreading diseases; all species burn riven corpses. They sleep more than half the day in short naps. They are the greatest danger to those leaving town. Riven are three to four feet tall, thin, malnourished, and carrying sickness. Riven prefer forests because these offer many hiding places. There are no settlements that riven have built. Riven are dependent on other species because they lack the desire or skills to hunt, cook, or farm.

In combat, riven run as a group at their targets, swinging wildly once near. It is known that if their attack doesn’t kill you, a disease you catch from them might. Those enemies who fall to the ground in the midst of a riven swarm will never rise again.. Their society is anarchy. They encourage murder against other species and tribes

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Niquerra Race Unveiled

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Sep 262016

The page on niquerra has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Niquerra are a race of the querra species. The god of greed, Neistrum, cursed a group of querra to be obsessed with greed because the species is beyond his ability to influence. The resulting race, niquerra, tunneled into mountains in search of precious gems and metals. Niquerra are physically identical to querra except for habitat-induced changes. They wear tailored and embroidered fine fabrics like silk, with expensive belts, sashes, shoes and purses. Every finger, wrist, ankle, neckline and more is adorned with jewelry. They never believe in too much and are considered very gaudy.

Niquerra spend most of the lives deep under mountains, in natural caverns or rooms they’ve created. Master stone cutters can be hired by joint settlements, and it’s one way niquerra gain wealth, status, and reputation. The birth of any magician is met with great acclaim, since this gives an advantage in finding ways to steal from other tribes, find valuables in the earth, or protect against defense. Niquerra society is highly rigid and a constitutional monarchy. They recognize everyone desires more wealth and would give in to stealing from each other all the time, resulting in the anarchy of daekais. To avoid this, laws abound in a very strict society where everyone has their place.

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Meet the Yellow Sphere Gods

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Sep 252016

The four gods of the yellow sphere, who created the querra species, have been revealed here on Llurien.com. They are:

Daedras, god of inspiration, lord of creation, a spring and air deity
Darra, goddess of empathy, the dancing goddess, a summer and fire deity
Kojen, goddess of rejuventaion, Mother Llurien, an autumn and earth deity
Timonen, god of patience, patron of philosphers, a winter and water deity

Hear their names pronounced on their page.

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Querra Species Revealed

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Sep 252016

The page on querra has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Querra are one of the seven original humanoid species. Querra run so fast that everything else is compared to them; they also travel so slow that everything is compared to them. They are the world’s best cooks, winemakers, engineers, gardeners, and farmers. Querra are three to four feet tall and slim. Many are perpetually dirty from farming or gardening. Their demeanor is very pleasant and friendly, even impish.

Querra prefer rolling hills due to their beauty. Querran wizards are uncommon because so many spells are related to military uses or serious matters that don’t interest them. Sorcerers are more common. They only grow what they need, freely giving what they have to other querra and others. They love playing valend cards. Querra see death as part of the lifecycle and do not fear it. They celebrate the life of the dead with elaborate parties.

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Learn About the Nidean Race

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Sep 252016

The page on nideans has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Nideans are a subterranean race of the mandean species. Most people have no idea they exist. They and other life forms in their habitat are often bioluminescent. They tend to be shorter than humans; some think they are mandean children. Their skin is often pale, even translucent so that internal organs are visible. Nideans wear nothing. Nideans exclusively live in deep underground rivers and more commonly lakes.

Nideans don’t have any formal schooling. Therefore, wizards don’t exist, only sorcerers. Nideans never fight anything, just swimming away. Nidean populations are always small due to habitat. There’s never been a nidean in a joint settlement unless it was captured.

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