Dial Up Your Imagination

In a near-future Earth, a writer with Attention Deficit Disorder can’t control his imagination until he gets an experimental implant embedded in his head, but the device has unintended consequences.

Genre: Sci-fi  Publication by Evermore Press: TBD

A Kingdom of Ends

Desperate to improve her lot in life, a woman accepts a dangerous mission to retrieve valuable Ever Sand from the supernatural and very dangerous Circle of Ever, an enormous black orb of mysterious, sinister energy in the Weeping Waste, where karelia keep everyone away.  But when she gets closer to it than planned, she runs the risk of losing far more than her life.

Genre: fantasy.  Publication by Evermore Press: TBD

The Insultalon

A satire published first by Bewildering Stories in 2009, “The Insultalon” reveals a secret contest wherein participants do their best to insult others at length, in style, and to the point of tears, earning points, fame, and glory.

Genre: satire. Publication by Evermore Press: TBD

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