Dragon Slayer Cover!

The cover for The Dragon Slayer (The Dragon Gate Series, #4), is now ready! The tentative release date is December 26, 2021, the day after Christmas. I’ll start writing in early October and I’m guessing it’ll take 4-5 weeks, so I should easily make the date, but I like to be at least halfway done before officially putting it on pre-order. By the time The Silver-Tongued Rogue (#3) is out in November, #4 should be both done and on pre-order.

Speaking of #3, I should be done in the next couple days. I have one chapter left to finish! Then I need to go over all of my notes to make sure I did everything, read it from the start to see what I think (I call this my editing), and then it goes to editors, etc., for feedback.

The current plan is to immediately follow these two with book 5, The Majestic Magus. I have ordered the cover for November delivery, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll finish writing by December for January release.