The Ever Fiend Released!

The Ever FiendThe Ever Fiend has been released today! Hopefully this will be the start of a great career. You can help out by grabbing a copy. Click the button to buy from your preferred vendor, or if you’re smarter, you’ll just join my mailing list and get an eBook copy for FREE!

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Self-Publishing Review had this to say: “Randy Ellefson has really made himself a name to watch with this title as his debut. With strong writing, strong characters, this is a strong introduction to Talon Stormbringer and what to expect in his upcoming series. This is a wholly professional product with a beautiful cover and a great amount of care taken on the piece throughout. It’s great to see a fantasy read with this amount of love poured into it, with the skill and know-how to make it gleam. A stand-out for dark fantasy, Talon Stormbringer brings the thunder in his first proper outing. Let’s hope to see more of his adventures and misadventures very, very soon! 4.5 stars”