The Art of World Building

Creating a unique, immersive setting one idea at a time

A guide for authors and hobbyists

The Art of World Building is a three-volume set of books that are teach aspiring authors, game designers, gamers, and hobbyists how to build believable worlds using time-saving advice, templates, and relevant research so you can make informed decisions. You’ll learn how much to build for each scenario, when to do it, and how it can be used in your work.

The books have a new site dedicated to them.

Release Date: May 2, 2017

The Books
Vol 1

Volume 1 – Creating Life

  • Gods
  • Species and races
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Monsters
  • Heroes and villains
  • Undead
  • And more…
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Vol 2

Volume 2 – Creating Places

  • Continents
  • Land features (forests, mountains)
  • Sovereign powers (kingdoms)
  • Settlements
  • Travel estimates
  • Time and history
  • Maps
  • And more…
Vol 3Volume 3 – Cultures and Beyond

  • Culture
  • Languages
  • Religions
  • The supernatural
  • A system of magic
  • Magic items
  • Naming everything
  • And more…


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