Never Quest Series

Series Summary

The Never Quest Series (previously called The Champions Series) follows four friends from Maryland who are summoned – against their will – to worlds where dragons, elves, and dwarves are real, just like the magic that brought them there. They’ve somehow been mistaken for and assumed the place of four legendary champions – a knight, wizard, priest, and rogue – who let themselves be sent on quests they could not refuse. And which had to be completed before they could go home. The friends find themselves trapped in a cycle of unwanted quests to defeat dragons, wizards, and all manner of trouble they aren’t qualified to take on.

Or are they? Can Andy learn to lead and fight like a knight despite his fear of violence? Can Matt cast spells and control the awful power within him despite his fears of failure? Can Eric use the skills he learned as a juvenile delinquent to break into places even though he’s now reformed? And can the atheist Anna accept that gods are real so she can call on them to heal the wounded – especially when her friends are the ones dying?

The Champions

Andy – a non-violent pacifist, Andy wants no part of being a knight who does the bulk of the fighting.

Anna – an atheist medical student on Earth, Anna is expected to be a priest who calls on the gods to heal people.

Matt – a software developer used to being bullied, Matt loves becoming a wizard full of formidable power.

Eric – a martial artist and former juvenile delinquent, Eric is reformed and doesn’t like having to return to breaking into places in his role as the rogue.

The Books

The Dragon Gate is Volume One and will be followed by at least three more books, each one focusing on one of the four new champions from Earth.  This one features Andy, the knight.

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