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Growing up playing AD&D and reading fantasy books like The DragonLance Series, The Gor Books, and Conan, I began writing stories in the 1980s and then completed my first book, which is what really turned me on to storytelling. By 1991, TSR, Inc., the makers of AD&D games, asked me to draft a novel outline for their new series, The Harpers, but rejected the book for having a similar theme to their unpublished Elfshadow book.

That same year, I took my world building more seriously and would spend much of the 1990s doing this when unable to write for different reasons.  The first of those was college, after which I began writing The Tales of Llurien only to lose my typing ability to a tendonitis injury. For the next couple years, I was unable to write stories with a dictation program I’d begun using, but I could work on my main world and story outlines, so I did.

Starting in 1999, I authored Of Hauntings and Hunting (For Once & Ever More, #1), which proved too long for traditional publishers to consider, so I reluctantly shelved book two. By 2003 my music career took precedence until 2006, when I wrote The Dragon Gate.

In 2008, I became a memoirist under another name and finally began publishing them in 2021; while I won’t mention the books much here, this often filled periods in this history where it seems like I wasn’t writing.

The Complete Art of World Building

Bewildering Stories published “The Insultalon” story in 2009 and I wrote five of The Tales of Llurien. By early 2013, I’d decided to become an indie author.  This involved a lot of research and the formation of Evermore Press, my publishing company. I also wrote another six of The Tales of Llurien (three earned placement in the Writers of the Future contest). I also reworked parts of For Once & Ever More and resumed world building more heavily.

The latter resulted in writing and publishing The Ever Fiend (Talon Stormbringer) in 2016 and following it up with the first two volumes in The Art of World Building series, a non-fiction guide to creating settings, in 2017. This was not expected to become ten books and dominate 2016-2020, but it did, along with a related blog, podcast, audio books, and (in 2020) a YouTube channel that is currently on hold to focus on books. My personal life also distracted me during much of it and would eventually result in another memoir.

In 2019, I wrote and published a political satire under another name and in 2020, and the remaining world building books were released, freeing me to touch-up and release The Dragon Gate. This was the true start of my fantasy career, as the 2016 The Ever Fiend was written specifically for my newsletter and the world building books are a different genre. Since then, I have continued The Dragon Gate Series and written and published five memoirs/self-help books under another name.

2022 Plans

My plans often change, but as of late 2021, the plan for 2022 is:

Forthcoming Books

  1. The Dragon Gate Omnibus (Volumes 1-3 of The Dragon Gate Series)
  2. The Dragon Slayer (The Dragon Gate Series, #4).
  3. The Majestic Magus (The Dragon Gate Series, #5).
  4. The Screaming Moragul (Talon Stormbringer, #2)

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