The Silver-Tongued Rogue


Volume Three of The Dragon Gate Series.

Will impersonating a legendary hero cost him his life?

While being mistaken for an Ellorian Champion has upended Eric’s world, his street smarts have kept him alive. But now it is he and his friends who are fooled. Their next quest is only a ruse. The real champion’s families have captured them all, stripped them of power, and put them in chains.

Some want them punished. Others seek revenge. And a few offer hope. But all want answers they simply don’t have, or none will ever get free.

Can Eric live up to the reputation of Andier, the Silver-Tongued Rogue, and talk his way out of certain death?

Release Date: November 9, 2021, by Evermore Press.

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The Maps

Elloria – Kingdoms of Andor, Roir (and Coreth), Aranor

Novell Kingdom


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