The Dragon Gate


Volume One of The Dragon Gate Series.

Ryan and his friends only learn that Stonehenge is a portal to another world when it pulls them through it. Arriving on Honyn, they are mistaken for the Ellorian Champions, four adventurers of unusual talent, skill, and questing success. They have been summoned to close the Dragon Gate before a horde of dragons can fly through it and destroy all life.

Trapped there until the quest is complete, they set off to master magic and the sword, to call on gods, to evade traps of men and monsters, to seal a gate and their fate. To save a world – and save themselves.

Release Date: December 1, 2020, by Evermore Press..

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The Map

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  1. “The Pendant”
  2. “The Quest”
  3. “Fresh Wounds”
  4. “A Conscience Riddled”
  5. “Lorian”
  6. “Wizardry”
  7. “Affinity”
  8. “Arundell”
  9. “Aspirations”
  10. “The Ellorian Champions”
  11. “Unrest in the Forest”
  12. “A Ruin Alive”
  13. “Confrontation”
  14. “Destiny Seized”
  15. “A Hero’s Welcome”
  16. “Resolutions”
  17. “End Game”
  18. “Firestorm”

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