This is a comprehensive list of all books and stories I have authored, regardless of genre or pen name. Key:

  • (TBD) – it has either been planned or drafted to some degree
  • (Year/TBD) – written but needing substantial edits or a rewrite
  • (Year) – it has been published that year
Fantasy Stories - as Randy Ellefson
Short Stories
  • The Insultlon (2009) – satire, not really fantasy
  • The Tales of Llurien (2009-TBD)
    • The Jhaikan and the Golden Path
    • The Epic of Ronyn
    • The Lute of Gildyn
    • Mightier Than Pen and Sword
    • Effigy for Hermon the Obstacle
    • The Islands of Eternity
    • The Tree of Kysh
    • Bounty for a Heart
    • The Garden of Taria
    • The Spirit Harvest
    • Knight of the Looking Glass
Other Books
  • The Scythe (2019) – political satire, under a pseudonym
Romance Novels

This is under a pseudonym, a trilogy

  • Tristan (2014)
  • Conner (2015)
  • Riley (2015)
World Building Books
As Randy Z.

This pseudonym and the book titles aren’t publicly revealed for privacy reasons (mine and everyone else’s), so these are not the real titles.

  • The Storm (2021)
  • The Silence (2010-2012/TBD)
    • Refusal
    • A Blast
    • The Sea
  • Corporate 1 (2021)
  • Corporate 2 (2018/TBD)
  • The Shorts
    • Volume 1 (2021)
    • Volume 2 (TBD)
Advice Books
  • Corporate Tips (2020)
  • Survival Guide (2021)

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